Welcome to the ‘Cambridge Day Nursery’

Welcome to Cambridge Day Nursery

Cambridge Day Nursery believes that childhood is an exciting adventure,

At Cambridge Day Nursery, we believe that childhood should be just that- an exciting adventure, a time for children to discover, explore and investigate the world around them.

Meet Our Teachers

The nursery is lead by an experienced team of qualified managers and deputies, and we employ a specialist graduate to oversee the education provided across the nursery. 

Voted GOOD  by our local education authority

What The Parents Say

Our Rooms & Classes

With highly qualified staff, children receive exceptional care and attention as well as plenty of cuddles. All children are encouraged to learn through play and are given opportunities to explore through a wide range of experience.

Children have a chance to play in a group and one-to-one with a member of staff which help them to gain confidence and develop their social skills.

Toddler room aged 2 to 3 years old. We have a large play area inside the room. children have the opportunities to explore with painting, sand, water, sticking, and playdough. Activities are developed according to the children’s interest, concentration, and imagination. Additionally, singing, story time, music and role play are included as a part of their daily routine.

Months Old
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Baby room / Caterpillar Room

Months Old
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Toddler Room / Ladybird Room

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Pre-school / Butterfly Room