A fun and purpose built room for all the ‘Little People’

Pre-school / Butterfly Room – Room prepares your child for school

Pre-school room aged around 3 to 5 years old. Children are introduced to a more academic learning. We plan local visits to the library/park, and also our local Policemen and Firemen (People Who Help Us) visit our nursery. They enjoy talking and encouraging children to be active, inquisitive, Safe and independent.

Children easily adapt to a learning environment in pre-school room, which helps to builds their social skills develop confidence, and prepare children for their transition to school. In the preschool room independence is vital as it gives the opportunity to become their own person. This is why it is vital that your child is fully potty trained entering in this room. We have water and cups which are available constantly throughout the day which the children can access by themselves with an adult close by if they need a bit more support. We encourage children to serve meals themselves such as lunch and tea and by using a knife and fork when necessary at meal times. We also encourage them to put their plates and cups away after every meal. Making children’s Transition to school fun, exciting, learning through play, and gaining good experiences.